Frequently Asked Questions

Our crew is pretty knowledgeable and we truly believe there are no "dumb" questions. If your question isn't answered below, don’t hestitate to ask… we’re here to help. Call or Text us at 800-718-5377.

  • Yes. This course is DMV Licensed and completely legit, view our official DMV license on the DMV website. This course qualifies as an 8 Hour Traffic School. The good news is that you'll finish our course way less time than 8 hours!

  • You will receive a courtesy letter from the court approximately 2 or 3 weeks after you get your ticket. This letter will inform you if you are court-approved to take traffic school and when your traffic school due date is. Any fees mentioned in this letter are for the court to process the certificate we send them after you pass. It does not include our traffic school course fee. If your letter does not mention traffic school, your ticket may not be eligible for traffic school (i.e., took traffic school within the past 18 months, excessive speed, fix it ticket, seat belt, texting, insurance, carpool lane violations). Contact the court to find out if you are eligible.

  • Yes, you can take our course at anytime day/night from any device with internet access. This means desktops, laptops, phones and IPAD type devices. Our course works on everything.

  • Yes, our entire website is secure. We’re required to be secure and safe by the DMV. You can verify our website is secure by looking for the “Lock” symbol in the address url bar window in upper left hand corner of page or simply look for the "https" in the address bar.

  • We offer different packages with various prices and features.Our Basic Package starts at $24.95 and has everything needed to mask the traffic ticket from your driving record. The upgraded packages simply offer more features, tracking numbers, court verifications, expedited processing etc. Remember, we have a Low Price Guarantee and will match any competitors price offering the same product by crediting the difference back to the original payment method.

  • Click the “"Forgot Password" ” button on the login page. We'll email your forgotten password to you right away. If you don’t get an email from us shortly please be sure to check your spam, blocked, or “junk” email. We may be filtered out. Remember, your Username is your Drivers License number.

  • You will know course results immediately. Our course has quizzes after each chapter and one final exam of 25 questions. You have as many attempts as needed to pass quizzes and two attempts to pass the final exam. You must score 70% or higher to pass the final exam. Don't worry, everyone passes. It's easy!

  • We recommend waiting to receive your paperwork from the court. Usually, the courts will mail you a courtesy notice within 2 to 3 weeks after you get a traffic ticket. The information you receive will tell you what the "fine" amount is you owe for the ticket, or violation, as well as your traffic school eligibility. In most cases the courts will also include whats called an "administrative fee". You must pay this fee in order to be eligible to take any onlilne course. This is in addition to fine or bail amount. Make sure you pay the required fees by your courts payment due date!

  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. You can pay online with a credit card or ATM/Debit card. Paying by phone is an option with one of our live California based phone support agents Mon – Fri 8:00am – 5:00pm PST. If you'd like to go old school, we also accept cashiers checks or money orders.

  • California Law states that only one traffic violation in an eighteen (18) month period be masked from public view on your driving record. The eighteen (18) month period is calculated from citation/violation date, not class attendance date. Please note: it is your sole responsibility to be sure it has been more than 18-months between these dates.Be 100% sure, otherwise it won't count!

  • Yes! An online traffic school course can help you get an insurance discount in the state of California. However, there are several factors that affect this: 1.) The course must be state-licensed. 2.) You must check with your insurance provider to see if they offer this discount. 3.) You must check with your insurance carrier to find out if you are eligible for this discount.

  • Yes! You can start and stop the course as many times as you’d like. Our course automatically saves your progress. The final exam is the only part of the course which you must take all at once. DMV allows 60 minutes to answer all 25 multiple-choice questions. Just make sure to finish the course before your due date!

  • You paid the court's traffic school administration fee. This is the fee they charge you to process the certificate we send them. DMV requires students to pay for the traffic school course in addition to the administrative court fee.

  • In the unlikely event that you do not pass our final exam, which of course you have multiple times to retake the exam if necessary, we would be more than happy to refund your payment in the method that you originally paid. Remember that you have multiple chances to read the material and take the final exam if necessary.

  • Because there are no timers to slow you down, and our course meets the DMV's minimum length, you are able to finish the course as fast as you can read. This course meets the requirements for an 8 hour California DMV licensed course and is accepted by All California traffic Courts & Counties.

  • Our course meets the DMV’s minimum course length requirement and is broken into 10 chapters with only 9 of them having a quiz. All DMV online courses are required to be a certain length. Don’t be fooled by traffic schools with fewer chapters! It’s a gimmick to fool you.

  • We process all our students certificates of completion electronically. We do this directly with the DMV and courts on your behalf. If you have a little time, our Basic package is all you need, but for those procrastinators out there, we offer the Premium package with Instant E-Filing of your certificate when you pass the final exam.

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